SP Secure G10 USB flash drive

G10 EDM icon-01Secure G10 Simple steps for file encryption
SP Secure G10 is equipped with a customized encryption software. With no additional disk setup required, users can simply follow G10’s tailor-made interface and setup a password during the first use.




100% of Data Protection
Once the password is enabled, G10’s “Secure Area” will be encrypted instantly, blocking any unauthorized access with high-level security. In order to provide 100% data protection, G10 will lock down and reformat after six invalid login attempts to avoid any risks of data being stolen.

SP Guard software
The SP Guard provides user with convenience and privacy, as well as the high security for data stored on you USB flash memory storage device.
(a)Disk Free
(b)Easy to Operate.
(c)Customized Password
(d)Fixed Password Retry
(e)Friendly Reminder
(f)Multi-Language Support