Ultima U01 USB flash drive


Simplicity of the snap-on cap design
The function of Ultima U01 is as good as its design. The LED indicator which shines through the dark blue panel lets consumers see clearly how data is accessed and stored. The cap-less design also prevents accidental loss during usage providing added convenience.




 Textured design brings new storage experience
Ultima U01 features a metallic spun finish that gives a unique layered ripple texture and also keeps finger-prints off the surface of the drive. It also has an embedded LED indicator which shines through the panel during data transfers. It takes users to an extraordinary level of data storage experience like never before.

SP Widget Software features seven main functions

  1. "My document" synchronization/ backup.
  2. Sync or backup other folders.
  3. Sync or backup "Outlook/ Outlook Express".
  4. Copy and encryption your data into Pen Drives.
  5. Download Symantec Norton Internet Security 60days trail for free.
  6. Sync or backup "My Favorite".
  7. Lock your computer by password, time or Pen Drive.