Touch T825 USB flash drive


360∘ swivel design!
Touch T825 incorporates a 360∘ swivel design to protect the USB connector offering users a much more clever way to use and store. The specially designed arc line at the end generates a functional space, transforming T825 as a paperclip to fit into the sheets of paper, a perfect combination for functionality and aesthetic.


 Paperclip design, easily attached
Based on the concept of a paperclip, Touch T825 features a bevel-shaped end with a hidden clip, making it easier to fit onto your documents, notebooks or folders.


SP Widget Software features seven main functions

  1. "My document" synchronization/ backup.
  2. Sync or backup other folders.
  3. Sync or backup "Outlook/ Outlook Express".
  4. Copy and encryption your data into Pen Drives.
  5. Download Symantec Norton Internet Security 60days trail for free.
  6. Sync or backup "My Favorite".
  7. Lock your computer by password, time or Pen Drive.